Rick Henderson, Owner/Head Instructor

Mr. Henderson brings 25+ years of martial arts experience to the Binghamton Area. Awarded his 2nd level Black Belt in Master Sam Robert's Shotokon Karate system in the mid 90's under Shihan Billy Pine's instruction. In Sport Karate competition, Rick Henderson has traveled the country competing in tournaments; and has won world titles in kata and in sparring. In the Sport Karate International (SKI) league, he won the Heavy Weight Sparring World Championship in 1996. Mr. Henderson also enjoys the arts of the well known Kamiyama Dojo with Master Ralph J Severe, who trained directly under the world famous Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan. Mr. Henderson has been ranked Godan—5th level black belt with a Shidoshi-Ho—2nd phase teaching license. Mr. Henderson is also a licensed Art Of Combat instructor—4th level and has authority to train others in Ralph Severe's Art of Combat System.


hoto Credit:  ADDISON GEARY

Evan Henderson, Instructor

At the age of 6, Evan began training in the martial arts. At the age of 14 he was awarded his Black Belt in Master Sam Robert's Shotokon Karate system under the instruction of Billy Pine. Over the years, Evan competed in sport karate tournaments all over the nation and began building a reputation for himself as one of the top ranked Black Belt competitors in Men's Point-Sparring. Evan holds multiple world titles from sport karate leagues such as; NBL (National Blackbelt League), and SKI (Sport Karate International).  Now in his late-20's Evan continues to mentor, teach, and coach for Binghamton Martial Arts and gives his knowledge of movement, striking and overall point-sparring to the next generation of young champions at Binghamton Martial Arts.